Thonet Chairs & Chalkboards

These photos made me change my mind about two things I thought I didn’t like – Thonet chairs and chalkboards.


I have to admit, I was getting a bit sick of seeing chalkboards popping up in just about every kitchen I looked at.  But this actually looks great.  Maybe it’s the scribbling on it – making it look more like a piece of modern art (that you can change whenever you want to!) than a place to write your grocery lists and what time little Timmy needs to be picked up from soccer practice.


And the Thonet chair.   These are so easy to take for granted because we see them everywhere – I’m used to seeing banged-up versions at cheap restaurants.  But these glossy orange numbers have got me rethinking my stance.  I guess they’re one of the best selling furniture designs in history for a reason.

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  • Laura Says:

    I agree, I’m not a huge fan of the chalkboard, but if it has a nice drawing on it, then that’s different.

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